Fire – Fire Ceremonies

Fire Talking [coming soon!]

Come sit with me by the fire.

Bathed in the light of this bright friend, unburden your heart, and let us sift gently through the contents together, in search of your truth.

Soothed by that warmth, offer the cares you no longer need to the flames, and allow yourself to be cleansed of your troubles.

Inspired by those audacious, sky-bound sparks, let the fire rekindle buried dreams and heart’s desires, and call you into your own aliveness, creativity, and power.

Fire focuses the mind, opens the heart, and inspires the spirit. It is transformation made manifest and dancing before our very eyes, and in its presence, anything becomes possible. A bright thread flowing through ritual practices the world over, fire is synonymous with magic, with alchemy, with change. If you are longing for change, in yourself or in your life, come sit with me by the fire, and let us start to weave the spell of your tomorrow.

These extended sessions weave spiritual counselling with magical ritual, drawing on the presence of fire to support you in releasing old fears, stories, and patterns, and welcoming in the life you’re ready to dream. They are more spacious, and less formal, than a spiritual counselling session, and are by their nature weather dependent. A Fire Talking session typically lasts around 2 hours, and costs £70.

As short as the time
From Spark to Flame,
So brief may the distance be
Between heart and being. – John O’Donohue

Fire Walking

Fire Walking is the practice of walking across hot coals, for the purpose of personal and planetary transformation. It is an experience unlike any other, life-changing in its capacity to eradicate self-doubt, shame, and fear of living the life we long for. It reveals to us the magic that we are, and shows us the magic that we can make.

For the individual, walking the coals can support profound personal change; offer healing, release, catharsis; give us a powerful container to call our desires into being; and empower us to realise our visions and step into our calling.

As a community ritual, Fire Walking breaks down barriers, opens hearts, inspires team work, supports collective creativity and collaboration, and can provide a powerful centerpiece for any celebration, and the perfect commencement for new commitments or collaborations.

As a qualified Firewalk Instructor, I am available to create Fire Walking ceremonies for collectives, companies, and celebrations. My Firewalks are intimate rituals, uniquely flavoured with presence, reflection, and magic, and held with loving care. Fees are negotiable, and reduced rates are available for groups focusing on community and planetary activism.

Come walk into the fire with me; let the flames kiss away your fears, freeing you to live a life you love.

In each moment the fire rages, it will burn away a hundred veils. And carry you a thousand steps towards your goal. – Rumi