Water – Weddings and Handfastings

Bespoke commitment ceremonies are a manifestation of the love that binds you and your beloved together. These personalised rituals allow that love to be witnessed, celebrated, and consecrated – in the eyes of your community, and in the eyes of that greater love that cradles us all.

Dedicating a ceremony to the love between you can amplify, deepen, and strengthen that love. Holding that ceremony in the sight of your community, and/or the god(s) of your understanding, can provide resources and memories that sustain your partnership further down the line. And creating a ceremony that expresses the intentions, hopes, and dreams invested in your togetherness can help you tap into the passion and dedication that it takes to realise those dreams together.

Whether it takes the form of a wedding, a renewal of vows, or a handfasting inspired by Celtic and Pagan traditions, I take great pleasure in creating ceremonies that are as unique and as beautiful as the love and the beloveds they are celebrating. Your ceremony can be peopled or private, sacred or secular, indoors or in nature, and woven with the faith traditions, words, music, and imagery that particularly touch you and your beloved(s), and reflect the extraordinary bond that you share.

Get in touch to find out if I can help you make your vision for your celebration of love become a reality. Commitment ceremonies start from as little as £300.

Please note: Interfaith Weddings do not currently carry legal weight in England and Wales, though they do in Ireland, Northern Ireland, and Scotland. If you wish your ceremony to be a legal marriage, you will need to include or visit a registrar as part of it.

“Our handfasting was so beautiful, powerful, and moving. I hadn’t expected our love to blossom even more, but it did through the care and dedication Rowan showed in bringing everyone together and personalising the experience to create a fantastic celebration – even in the freezing weather! Rowan brought authority, love, artistry, creativity, and a fantastic sense of joy and pixie dust to our celebration; asides from the day itself, they coached us to look beyond the magic of ritual, and to the very core of what it was we both wanted, to prepare for the year, as well as the day. And that has made a positive and lasting difference to our relationship.” – D&O, London