Air – Rites of Passage

Rites of Passage support us in moving from one chapter of our lives to another. Whether the threshold we are crossing is one flavoured with celebration, grief, or a little of both, a bespoke Rite can help us achieve the closure, integration, and transformation that we seek, and allow us to step wholeheartedly over that threshold and into what comes after.

Your Rite is tailored to you and your unique needs; it can be as people or private, as sacred or secular, as indoors or out in the wilds as your desire. It can include a cleansing or releasing of what has gone before; the crossing of a threshold; the taking on of a new name or title; the witnessing and affirmation of your true self; the setting of intentions for the future; and/or the celebration of you in your new life phase or identity.

Some reasons for having a Rite of Passage might include:

  • Taking a new name
  • Transitions such as puberty or the menopause
  • Gender transition
  • Stepping into parenthood or elderhood
  • Surgery, or the beginning or end of an illness or disability
  • Significant Loss
  • New beginnings

Get in touch to find out whether a Rite of Passage could serve you at this point in your journey.

“When I set out to organise my rite I had hoped that it would be a wonderful day, yet I had not imagined how powerful it could be. As I stood in the middle of that circle I felt more love than I have ever felt before. I felt held, seen and respected in ways that I did not know could be possible, and also so grateful for the many wonderful beings that I have in my life. I felt privileged that there was space in my world to create an event of this kind. That I live in a time, and a geographical place, where queer people are not simply tolerated, or accepted, but celebrated. I experienced a sense of belonging and appreciation that I will stay with me for many years to come. That will offer me strength in darker times and help me remember that however lonely I may feel, that I am never really alone.” – JT, Rite of Passage for Gender Transition