Earth – Spiritual Counselling

Spiritual Counselling provides a welcoming, confidential, and non-judgemental container for the whole self to come to rest. It is ideally suited to times of spiritual or emotional turmoil; to periods of change or transition; and to those moments characterised by a sense of dissatisfaction, confusion, or loss. If you are longing for change or searching for peace, but unsure where to start, Spiritual Counselling can provide safe harbour, and solid ground from which to step into the life you’re aching to live.

In my work, I invite deep listening to all facets of the seeker, trusting that each one has a gift of wisdom to bring to the enquiry. All enquiries are welcome here – including, but not limited to, those pertaining to our relationship with the god of our understanding. Spiritual Counselling can support the (re)kindling, the healing, and the deepening of the relationship between seeker and divinity. It is also available for those looking simply to kindle, heal, and deepen their relationship with their own divine self, their creativity, and their aliveness.

Spiritual Counselling with me is grounded in the body and the breath, and infused with presence, warmth, humour, and the awareness of a greater love that cradles us all. Along with deep listening, I use guided breath, visualisation, and embodiment practices to support you in charting your inner world. I can support you in developing tools and practices to honour what you find there, and to better integrate the inner with the outer, creating harmony between your internal and external environments.

With a background in psychosexual therapy, and my experiences in gender-non-conforming and alternative communities, I am used to holding space for difficult questions of a deeply personal nature for a diverse spectrum of clients. I welcome enquiries from seekers of all genders, orientations, and backgrounds, and do not expect my clients to share or subscribe to my own (or any) faith path; rather, it is my heartfelt intention to support you in discovering, or recovering, your own.

Spiritual Counselling is a form of talk therapy that can be conducted face to face, or via Skype. Sessions cost £50, and some concessions are available to those facing financial lack for reasons relating to intersectional oppression. Contact me to arrange your 30 minute initial consultation, and find out if I can be of service to you in the next steps on your journey.

“I experienced a strong and deep level of holding in the space with Rowan; their presence and attention was very apparent to me – despite it being on Skype over which I sometimes find challenging to establish an energetic connection. I received a beautiful warm and authentic welcome, which felt like a safe invitation for me to bring a lot of myself – I experienced a level of trust in the relationship very early on, which is unusual for me. I sensed integrity in Rowan which allowed me to dive deeply in to myself and in to bring vulnerable aspects of myself into the space. Rowan was very skillful in their use of a wide and well integrated range of skills – in particular I experienced their unconditional acceptance and appreciation of my being and my journey. Their ability to give me feedback that succinctly reflected an understanding of what I was expressing and working with was incredible – they could pick up on themes and mirror back my process in a way that went beyond summarising… it was more like crystallising. It really was amazing for me to experience with another human being something akin to what happens when I fall in to meditation and journey inwardly. There was often a sense of synchronicity and an experience of myself unfolding, opening and aligning on many levels simultaneously. I would say this was happening during and between our sessions, as the sessions held a focus for me too. My sense is that Rowan listened not only deep but wide, and to multiple aspects of me, God/dess and all that was between us… expansive listening!” – MB, Ireland