About Rowan

In my capacity as an ordained Interfaith Minister and Spiritual Counsellor, I’m passionate about creating spaces that allow the recipient(s) to directly experience themselves as loved – whether that love flows from the god of their understanding, from their community, or from the practice of radical self-acceptance. I take pleasure in crafting ceremonies as unique and diverse as my clients, and holding listening spaces that welcome every part of the one being listened to.

My own spiritual background is deeply rooted in paganism and earth-based traditions. It was through my initial encounters with these that I first experienced a sense of being unconditionally loved, and it is that experience that I have sought to facilitate through my work as an artist, a conscious sexuality teacher, and a celebrant ever since. Since then, my palette of practices has expanded to include threads from modern shamanism, tantra, and mindfulness, and inspiration from Eastern and Celtic traditions, as well as influences from the work of current practitioners like Julia Cameron and my long-term mentor, Barbara Carrellas. However, each pigment that is added to that palette is rooted in that same intention: to create spaces where people, regardless of gender, orientation, and cultural or religious background, may come to rest, and know that they are loved.

As a queer person and practitioner, I’m particularly keen to bring ceremony and celebration to the LGBTQ+ community. As queer+ individuals, we know all too well what it is to step across thresholds. Whether we’re coming out of the closet, traversing gender transition, or taking on a new name or pronoun, we’re used to making changes that align our outer realities with our inner truths – and many of us are used to having to fight for those changes in one way or another. I’m interested in creating rituals that honour, support, and above all, celebrate our thresholds – both those unique to our queerness, and those that are simply part of our humanity.

Alongside my ministry calling, I work in the field of psychosexual health and sacred sexuality, where I support groups, couples, and individuals to move through shame and into ecstasy. I’m also a visual artist and aspiring author. I get excited about deep ecology, words and books, music and independent cinema, and the arcane mysteries of vegan baking.